UrbanovoThere is much more contect hidden behind the name of this event, which offers the best of Međimurje vineyards and it’s dedicated winemakers. We organize it since year 2000. putting in the forefront the promotion of Međimurje wine road as our most recognizable tourist product. Pušipel Festival exposes to our audience our wine brand and with se laugh and cheer. Open wine cellars on Međimurje wine road are a real attraction for virtually whole Croatia. That is because the whole country squezees into Međimurje’s hills those days. This is the event organized by members of “Hortus Croatiae”, Association of tenants and winemakers in Međimurje county. Support is provided by Međimurje county, Štrigova municipality and Tourist Board of Štrigova. For years Urbanovo is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian National Tourist Board.